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Paisley Floral Narrow Birch Wood Tray, 10.5"x5"

Paisley Floral Narrow Birch Wood Tray, 10.5"x5"

Designers, creators, producers and passionate purveyors of fine things, Studio Avenida presents the PAISLEY FLORAL NARROW TRAY - one of the most exceptional items in the Paisley Collection. Vibrant patterns, full of colours and movement, bring these intricate paisley illustrations to life. The rich tones create a stunning graphic contrast against the majestic peacock, delicate florals and butterflies in yellows, reds, oranges, greens and pinks. An evocative a wonderous world comes to life on a Paisley pink and soft green background. Made in Sweden, this decor delight is designed to be delicate and different.

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